We are looking for business/commercial ideas that address development challenges – Social, Economic, and environmental.

Key Considerations

  • Originality & Innovativeness of the idea: The idea doesn’t have to be novel, but we want to support someone that is addressing a real challenge differently & creatively.
  • Potential impact: Of what benefit or impact would the idea be to the equitable social-economic development of Ugandans. How many people’s livelihoods could be improved by your idea?
  • COVID 19: Of what contribution is your Business Idea to the recovery & resilience of Ugandan businesses in the wake of the Covid 19 Pandemic.
  • Scalability: does your proposed solution have the potential to be scaled at different geographical levels, preferably at the community level, sub- nationally or even nationally? Could your idea have additional spinoffs?

Commercial Considerations for which successful applicants will also get help

  • Commercial Viability & Feasibility: The ability of your business idea – product or service – to compete effectively and to make a profit in the long-run. Is there a sustainable business in the idea?
  • Business model: Do you have a clear implementation plan?

Added Advantage

  • Multi-sectoral collaboration: Participation of both the public and private sectors is fundamental and collaboration of multi-disciplinary sectors such as finance, water, clean energy and humanities will be an added advantage.
  • Environmental conservation: Harnessing the power of the business solution while conserving the natural ecosystem e.g. switch to green energy sources for power production and digital/e-commerce solutions.
  • Youth & Women: The empowerment of young people and women is key to addressing developmental challenges. Therefore, ideas that support these two demographics are greatly encouraged.
  • We will be running sessions to help applicants best articulate how their idea fits into the above criteria.